About IHNO

We’ve been There… Healing is Possible

Because we have personally walked among the hurt and pain of life and found support and success over those things that have held us down, we now offer those techniques and support to YOU our community. We offer the opportunity to get strong and back on track so you can be the person YOU want to be!

Outreach for You, Your Family, Church and the Community

Founder, Dr. Donna Potter, began in a two-room office—reaching out to do what God was calling her to do. She had a heart to help those hurting and chose to give of herself and her resources to that cause. Today she has an office that is filled, not only with the hurting, but with staff, volunteers, support groups, and training’s.

She continues to give back to the ministry and the ministry brings her joy as she watches transformational changes in the lives of those around her. IHNO brings people together for healing and giving back. Through collaborations with CCAR, ASAP, For-NY, and the Opiate Task Force, we have made strides to be a force for good in our community. We ARE recovery!

Using the Word of God and a provided network of support, we assist in finding freedom from many of the issues prevalent today in our relationships, our homes, and our places of employment. Together, we counsel through and overcome your personal concerns, such as anxiety, stress, addiction, physical and sexual abuse, trauma, financial poverty, conflict, anger, low self-worth, spiritual bankruptcy, damaged emotions, and much more.


Executive Director

Rev. Dr. Donna Potter

Donna Potter, PhD is the Founder and President of In HIS Name Outreach.

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Director of Operations and Training
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