NYS Recovery Coach / Peer Advocate Training

We are an OASAS and Friends of Recovery - New York (FOR-NY) approved training facility that
provides a wide-range of training courses to address the various needs of the recovery community.

Courses Available throughout the Year

** Recovery Coach / Peer Advocate Basics

30 Credit Hours ($475)

  • Recovery Core Values & Principles
  • Spectrum of Attitudes
  • Recovery Coach “Lanes of Responsibility”
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Values / Differences
  • Stigmas & Labels
  • Story & Issues of Self Disclosure
  • Stages of Recovery
  • Pathways of Recovery
  • Stages of Change
  • Culture & Cultural Competence
  • Power & Privilege
  • Recovery Capital – Resource Development
  • Basic Ethics & Boundaries
  • Wellness Planning

** Ethical Considerations for Recovery Coaches / Peer advocates

16 Credit Hours ($200)

This course builds upon what was learned in the Recovery Basics class, so that the Recovery Coach / Peer Advocate have a deeper understanding of Ethical Considerations specific to the Recovery Field through discussion and role playing.

** Medication Assisted Treatment / Medication Supported Recovery (MAT/MSR)

8 Credit Hours ($150)

This course discusses the Pros/Cons of, stigmas / labels associated with, various medications available for, and how to support the Recoveree’s choice of using MAT/MSR in their personal recovery journey.

Self-Care of the Recovery Coach / Peer Advocate and the Recoveree

6 Credit Hours ($125)

This course discusses the importance of, various methods / pathways, and resources available for self-care for the Recovery Coach / Peer Advocate and the Recoveree. This includes a review of the Wellness Plan and a discussion regarding the students Professional Development.

**These courses are required for those seeking New York State certification as a: Certified Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA) or Peer Advocate-Provisional (CRPA-P)

Recovery Basics for Parents / Loved Ones

8 Credit Hours ($150)

This course will help Family, Friends, and Colleagues have a general understanding of the following, so that they may better support the Recoveree:

  • Define and increase fluency in the language of recovery
  • Build capacity to understand, support, and advocate for recovery
  • Learn about specific skill sets key to supporting recovery
  • Create a learning community to advance the recognition, acceptance, and support of recovery

Certified Recovery Peer Advocate – Family

20 Credit Hours ($250)

This course is a new specialization under CRPA, specific to supporting the family/care-taker of a youth (under 21) impacted by substance use disorder and will provide the student with the following training:

  • 10 hours family specialty online training modules; followed by
  • 10 hours family specialty classroom training