Rev. Dr. Donna Potter

Executive Director

Rev. Dr. Donna Potter

Donna Potter, PhD is the Founder and President of In HIS Name Outreach. She is a Biblical Counselor whose walk has been tested by conflict—from personal to corporate issues, in both worldly and Christian venues. Fruitfully ministering to others since 1999, her strength lies in applying Christian values to life’s challenges. Her motto is “Conflict = Growth” and her ministry is a true catalyst for positive change.

Donna is an accomplished author and keynote speaker who has cultivated the trust and credentials that time and testing have brought. She has collaborated closely with Christian ministries in the WNY area to host evangelical and transformational events. One of her vocations is to build and re-build marriages. She feels that helping relationships transform is a gift and a blessing. She has a special place in her heart for the organization, United Marriage Encounter (UME) and participates in whatever capacity she can. With today’s technology, Donna utilizes video services to counsel her clients across the country; she currently has clients in Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Georgia!

Donna is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and sits on the board of Addiction Conquerors, a local recovery outreach program. Repeatedly recognized over the years, Donna has been Awarded for Outstanding Ministry in Addiction by her peers. She was also awarded the 2015 Best Counseling Award by the town of Cheektowaga. Donna’s passion for the Lord continues to grow her further every day.

Donna is a WNY business alumnus of Bryant & Stratton, with adjunct courses through Canisius College. Donna also received her PhD from Freelandia Bible College and Seminary in Broadway, VA.

On a personal note, Donna loves jazz, horses, and the Americana countryside of New England.

Donna Potter is currently working on releasing her first book entitled Conflict = Growth.

“This book is a must read if you are facing conflict. It will give insight into the challenges of who you are and guide you to the person you can be.”
-Dr. Donna Potter

Conflict is the ultimate stimulator to cultivate growth!

“We are all given amounts of conflict in our lives. It challenges us in varying degrees of difficulty. Grabbing those opportunities and applying wisdom demonstrates our love for God. With every conflict comes a chance for growth. Are you ready to grow?”