Read what our clients say about how the staff at IHNO has helped them to work through their struggles and achieve personal and spiritual transformation:

When I started coming for help with In His Name Outreach last November, I was ready to end my life. In my first session with Dr. Donna, I told her, ‘I want the depression to end by any means necessary.’ I have struggled with depression for over 17 years. This past year I have also been struggling with constant migraines. This has also affected my depression. I have received help over the years, but didn’t share it with my family until this past December. It felt great to get it out in the open and not be living a life of silence. I have also been struggling with a gambling addiction. I have been gambling for over 20 years. It is something my family has always done together, so it is hard for me to stop. However, I knew I needed to stop because the gambling addiction made my depression worse. In His Name Outreach is truly a blessing! I have been getting help for my depression and migraines through counseling. I have been getting help for my gambling addiction through the Addictions Support Group. And, I have been getting help through a Life Coach. I have felt loved by all the people I have had the pleasure to work with and it really helps to know that I am not alone in my struggles. I would highly recommend getting help from In His Name Outreach.

Heather Fisher

In July 2011, I sat in Dr. Donna’s office for the very first time. I had hit a wall and was seeking guidance. What I had expected to get in the sessions was sympathy, which would have enabled me to continue in the victim role. What was presented to me was God’s truth and healing through His Word, prayer, spiritual homework, Dr. Donna’s God-given gift of discernment, and engaging in an in-depth inventory of what I was still using and carrying around from the past and present, good and bad. I remember one particular session when the Holy Spirit’s presence was mighty in the counseling room and I was quickly delivered from a (unknown to me) bondage that I had been carrying around for a good part of my life. Of course the bondage had to be named and it was as the Lord revealed it to Dr. Donna who then revealed it to me. I was totally amazed. My eyes were opened to it, how I had used it, how it came to be a part of my life as a child. I was shown how I no longer needed it and, through the power of the Holy Spirit and with help from Dr. Donna, that day I let it go. That still brings tears to my eyes. I have not been the same since. Oh how I am in love with Jesus and oh how I love his servant, Dr.Donna.

Sandra L.L.

Hi Donna,
I’ve been thanking God for bringing you into my life and praying for you and your family’s good health, strength, and success in ministry. Please continue to pray for God’s protection and blessings for me and my family. You have been a tremendous encouragement to me. I am so glad God chose to work through you to help guide me. Thank you and God bless.


Dear Donna,
I wanted to thank you for your prayers and for taking me to the meeting. I feel so blessed to meet others who are seeking Jesus and mending their suffering through your therapy and wisdom of God. Moreover, I cannot tell you how I had overcome much of my anxiety yesterday morning before work and during my stressful day. I felt the calm during the storm. I had to tell you that I am feeling each day like a different, brand new Jennifer!
P.S.: My family is beginning to see drastic changes.


Personal Testimony from Dr. Donna Potter as She Battled Cancer and Won in 2014

Multiple doctor appointments and radiation five days a week is starting to make me a bit tired and after the last two months (since I found out about the cancer), it has been a whirlwind. With God’s grace and the support of my family and friends, I was able to keep going up to this point and took clients and managed my ministries. As I go into the next week and receive chemo again for another four days, I will be needing more self-care and I will not be able to take any new clients until June. I am sorry to those I cannot be there for during this time. Thank you for your understanding in advance. Love to all those that sent cards and gifts and the food has been amazing! XO

I am doing well in this battle with cancer. I have learned many things and God has revealed some beautiful secrets I did not know. I am continuing to grow and use this opportunity to enjoy the extra measure of Joy that it has brought through the love and support of others. I have always been the giver and, though a bit uncomfortable to receive help from others, I know that it is important to be better balanced in this arena. ‘Thank You’ will never be enough to express how deeply I feel this gratitude. Although I may not be able to be at my desk during May as I would like to, please know that it will be an intense time of prayer for all of you between God and Me. May He bless you more abundantly than you can ever think or imagine! XO

Dr. Donna Potter